A memorable day filled with mud, mud and more mud.


A great experience which really showed what Forces fit is all about, with team work the key element to get the whole team through the course. Everyone showed that with a great, positive group anything can be achieved and still come out the other side smiling.

Photo 22-05-2021, 4 39 06 pm.jpg


Our first event back out after the pandemic and to see 30 people out and active again was amazing.


The route was testing at times and did throw a hill or two along the way, but with a bit of motivation from the instructor everyone got round. The views in the New Forest were amazing and even a pub stop half way through, what more could you want or need for a great bike ride.

Photo 11-12-2020, 10 54 29 am.jpg


A Team took on the tough task of climbing mount Snowdon, it was not an easy challenge and the weather seemed to change on the hour every hour. Testing us all the way up and down.


However, nothing worth doing is ever easy and getting to the top together as a team was a really memorable moment, even if we couldn’t see anything because of the clouds.


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Due to Covid, quite literally stopping our first trip abroad, we are in the process of starting to get the wheels in motion again to hopefully finally bring it back.


This will be a week in the sun, with lots of exercise, excursions, healthy food and drink all in our own exclusive bootcamp villa.

Stay tuned to hopefully see the news of the long awaited abroad bootcamp.